Sunday, August 31, 2008

Show & Tell: Steal of the week ~ my Limoges Lyric Dishes!

Oh, how cool is this??? I went with hubby yesterday to look at a used car he wanted to purchase, and while we were talking the lady said she had some porcelain dishes in the back that she needed to get out, she was going to put them in a yard sale. Let me tell you, I know NOTHING of China, and just thought they were so pretty I asked her how much. $10 for ALL of THIS!!

It included 4 teacups (actually 6, but 2 were broken), a serving platter, 6 dinner plates, a serving bowl, a sugar bowl & lid, 3 berry/fruit bowls, 6 saucers, 3 salad plates, and 3 cereal bowls. The only thing stamped on the bottom was "Vita Ware China 22K" so I was trying to find out more. I did a search on ebay for "22K China" and discovered that they are Limoges-American "Lyric" pattern. So over to I went to see what else is offered, and at their prices I would have paid $325 for all of this.

They're so pretty, with their blue, pink, yellow, and gold, that I'm excited to get it all cleaned up and put it on display in the dining room. And on Friday, 2 days before finding these, I found the beautiful blue rose fabric & the coordinating paisley shown with the dishes. I'd love ideas on what to do with these fabrics in the dining room besides placemats or table runner, which are obvious choices.
Today I'm working on more of my Goji Shot glasses. With Convention only 2 weeks away, Linda is attending and passing out flyers for me (should be about 3000+ people there who are all Goji addicts like us!), so I'm trying to build up my inventory on those. I've also got a couple of adorable PINK projects to finish up in the next day or two, can't wait to share them with you all.
Have a Blessed Day!


gail said...

Hi Crystal,, what a great find. This china is beautiful! And the fabric is a perfect match. I am not sure what else to do, but if you dont have a window treatment, maybe a valance that would tie into a table runner. Or Chair cushions. Have a great day..(())gail

Susan said...

Great dishes!! Don't you love it when you luck into a find???
Susan *dutchrose*

Patricia said...

Crystal, they are beautiful dishes. Your table will look lovely all done up. They are formal, so how about a pretty white linen table cloth and you can border it with your fabric and then make some matching napkins.Use some of the fabric for a hot pad/s to protect your table, and a pretty little hostess apron to match.

Crystal ~ CJO Glassware & Gifts said...

Thanks girls ~ you've got my mind sparking now, that's why I love your feedback!


Deborah said...

AAAAAAGH! Why can't I find a deal like that! These dishes are gorgeous. I'm thinking I saw them at Marshalls...maybe, or something very similiar.


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Thanks for you nice comment on my blog! Wow I love those dishes! Those are so beautiful and what a deal!!!