Friday, August 1, 2008


Grrr!! I love summer, but with it comes BUGS. Even being out on a screened porch, they manage to find me. I have one of those body chemistries that just screams "bite me", I guess, as they will find me wherever I hide. And if I happen to be outside, I'm doomed. Gnats everywhere, mosquito bites miraculously appearing out of thin air... my Caladryl is my best friend in summer.

For 2 weeks I have anxiously been awaiting the full bloom of 5 big pink roses on one stalk, that I could cut them and put them in the house. Yesterday, I noticed that 4 were opened and ready to come in, and when I went out to cut them off, they were full of Japanese Beetles. Yuck!! And I mean burrowed down in the petals. There were 4 in just one rose. And the roses themselves were eaten full of holes. Heartbreak. Obviously my "Sevin" bug spray wasn't working, it's time to go a little more toxic, I think.

So as I sit here on the screened porch typing and looking at my roses, and all of the spiderwebs the sun is highlighting in the corner of the porch, and noticing a new bite on my arm that itches, I wish once again that the bugs would let me enjoy the summer and being outside. For now, I'll remain in my little cage here off the back of the house.

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