Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Lacquered Boxes on my website

I've finally gotten around to taking photos of some of the lacquered boxes I've finished, and gotten them up on my website. Some I did last year and I've put them at 50% off just to get them moved quickly.

This is a jewelry box, I LOVE it because I used a pearl lacquer. I can't seem to capture the pearl in the photo, but the pink & white just have this gorgeous shimmer about them.

This little blue jewelry box is cute, it's so petite that I didn't want to overwhelm it, so I added just a few daisies to the top.

The above round shaker box is so pink & romantic, a perfect little accent or storage piece for those of us with a pink fetish.

This jewelry box is fire engine red and is so much prettier in person. I wish I was a better photographer.

And a favorite of my mother's, the Victorian pink roses on the sage green background of this little oval shaker box really pop. Has such a vintage feel to it, I really love it. This is what inspired my "Elizabeth" line of glassware.

See all of these and more on my website, CJO Glassware & Gifts.

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