Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun Day at Lake Monticello

Yesterday, we went with hubby's parents to Lake Monticello and went out on the lake for the day. The kids had an incredible time, as did we. They rode a large raft tied to the back of the boat, similar to water skiing, and Grandma Karen worked hard to find the wake of other boats to really let them take a good bounce. The only person who fell off the entire day was me, which was funny. It couldn't have been a prettier day, with a sunny sky and upper 80 temps. The kids woke up this morning with very sore arms, but after such a fun day I don't think they mind very much. The water was SO warm, it was wonderful to jump right in from the boat. Another fun memory from this summer for the whole family, and it was good to spend a day with the in-laws.

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Becky said...

I have such good memories of my kids when they were your children's age, jumping from tube to tube. They tried this a few years back, fully grown young adults. My son-in-law looked up to see my oldest son, all 200 lbs of him ready to land on him. Needless to say he purposly fell off the tube.
Enjoy your children. They grow up too fast!