Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to Casa de Crystal!

I thought it would be fun today to post photos of my home. It's not what you would expect from someone who loves pink & shabby chic roses, that's for certain.

This is my living room, with my beautiful RED furniture. My coffee table is 40" square, and my husband built it for me years ago from an old chicken coop. It weighs about 100 lbs. and is perfect. On the wall is a beautiful fireplace screen; I wanted something ornate, iron, and fan-shaped, but when I was decorating this room I couldn't find anything. Then one of my friends had this fireplace screen she wanted to get rid of but didn't want to donate it to the church yard sale, so she gave it to me in trade for hubby's old weight bench that I wanted to get out of the garage. The candelier on the table is Southern Living at Home, I was a consultant for about 3 years.

This is the dining room from the living room. The outside door leads to the screened porch, where my oldest was sitting when I snapped this pic. I absolutely hate the chandelier, it's what the builder put in, and since the house was under contract at that point, he did everything as cheaply as possible in the end. My furniture is definitely my favorite ~ the curly cherry trestle table & stepback were built by Charles Neil and are very special to me. It's currently cleaned up today, but usually this is my "studio". The entire bottom of the stepback is full of paints & supplies, the top is full of things that need painted and a select few things I've painted for myself.

This is the baking center in my kitchen, another Charles Neil piece. I've been slowly replacing all of my red/yellow/green accessories with pink & sage, and recently painted the walls butter yellow. Below is a closeup of some of my painted pieces I did for myself, as well as some more Southern Living things that we use all of the time.

My bedroom has laundry piled in it, so no sharing that today. Another day, perhaps. And since this is Post #2 for today, I'll stop there. Have a great evening!

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Joyce said...

I LOVE your red furniture! I use red accents, but to have the actual red furniture - just beautiful!! I've been snooping around your blog and have been enjoying it totally. You are a very talented lady. I really admire the work you do - very creative. Nice to meet you!!