Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back-to-School Shopping

Oh my!! Today I took the kidlings to Walmart to do their supply shopping. After fighting massive crowds (JMU is coming back into session, so the store was packed with freshmen & their parents), and working the 3 different lists, we managed to survive. $187!!! Okay, so I did grab some cereal, milk, 2 pair of shorts for Chandler who has outgrown everything, and a package of chicken to make for dinner tonight, but all of that only added up to about $40. How is it so darn expensive???

We're not even buying "school clothes" other than sneakers for the kids until the weather starts to show signs of being cooler. Chandler has outgrown everything, but the girls' clothes still fit them from last year.

I know other parents feel my pain here. We did haircuts last week and physicals the week before, Monday will take us to the dentist AND orthodontist, and Tuesday they go back. The money tree has definitely been plucked bare this month.

Okay ~ we're off to the new elementary school Orientation this evening, with Kenny & Devin arriving tonight, and tomorrow evening is Middle School Orientation for Niki and Open House for Emily. As chaotic as it is, I'm looking forward to the kids going back to school, allowing me to work more and break up fewer fights.

Happy Tuesday!

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