Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So Tired of Fundraisers Already!

Wow, the kids have been back at school for 2 weeks and fundraisers are already making me batty. The girls attend the same school, and the FIRST WEEK brought home their school's fundraiser, selling magazines and overpriced cookie dough. The mags aren't so bad, they're from QSP and they do have a few I like and should renew/subscribe to. (Inserting pretty photo of one of them, just to break up the text and tempt you should you want me to email you a link to support the girls, LOL).

But by the time I buy from each girl, they really don't get much credit for the big "Mega Party" at school. And I'm not in a position to write big checks to the PTA. The first night it came home, they had to fill in a booklet with names & addresses that needed turned back in ASAP. I don't have that many friends & family outside of our school, and why would I send them to other parents at school??? So I called family, told them they would be getting these things TWICE, and to do what they wanted with them. Then, the girls get a prize (a weepul, which is a fuzzy pompom ball with eyes & feet on it) when they log in and submit 12 email addresses. The "Weepuls" are a big status thing with this middle school crowd, and the pressure is put on me to once again harass people I know. So I do the emails. Grrr, aren't you glad you aren't in my family? (Inserting another tempting magazine photo, you know you want this one, right?)

So the Middle School fundraiser isn't so hot for us, and on Day 5 of school my son brings home the Innisbrook fundraiser. No interest here. I'm cheap, I like cheap wrapping paper that is easy to fold and easy to rip. Don't need overpriced chocolates (more on that to follow), but a friend wants something and her girls are both doing the middle school fundraiser. The same weekend, when my SIL shows me what her kids are selling on the other side of the county. INNISBROOK!! And the other elementary school very close to us is also doing INNISBROOK!! That's at least 3 of them, all doing it at the exact same time.

Get an email from the Girl Scout Troop Leader, a good friend who took over the troop for me when I decided it was time to get out. Would I be the "Nut & Candy" Mom. Girl Scout Nut & Candy sales start in October. We sell nuts (obvious one there) and chocolates, among other sweets. So if I'm going to buy this stuff, I'll buy from the troop because I know how hard it is to run a troop without funds.

Then I went to the Band Parents meeting. Since the PTA took their cookie dough fundraiser away, we'll be selling jewelry and chocolates. Grrrr... I believe that is in November. (Oooh, this one looks like fun!)

So if you see me coming, I'll understand if you run the other way. At least the girls opted not to do Cheerleading this year, which has it's own fundraiser. Last year I was writing checks to everyone and their brother, and this year the checkbook just won't stretch as far.

End of rant. I'm sure many of you are in the exact same boat!

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