Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pink Saturday ~ Stacking Shaker Boxes

Happy Pink Saturday!! This is my first time participating, so I'm so excited to share with others and go see all of the other Pink Saturday Offerings from these Fantastic Ladies.

This week I managed to finish up a set of lacquered boxes in my absolute favorite theme ~ Pink Roses (to match my Sharon line). I'm offering these as a set, and I was inspired by a tiered cake when I was decorating them. They are so romantic, and would be perfect displayed together or separately. I'd love to hear your comments on how you would use them. Be sure to read my September 5th entry to find out how you can get a FREE $50 Shopping Spree at CJO Glassware & Gifts.

The top box is my small rectangle, measuring approximately 5" x 3.5" x 2.5" tall. The base is white with random roses, and the top is a bouquet of small roses. The middle box is my medium, with a cabbage rose on top and vines of climbing roses around the bottom. This one measures 6.5" x 5" x 2.75" tall. The bottom box is a large size, featuring a cabbage rose and rosebuds on the lid and a trellis of climbing roses around it's bottom. The large box measures approx. 7.75" x 6" x 3.25" tall. They are all lacquered with several coats, the final two layers being pearl so they shimmer. The set retails on my website for $50, and is a OOAK item, so first one gets it. I'm sure I'll do more of these in the future, but no guarantee as to when.

Please visit all of the Pink Saturday posts that you can this week. I'll be adding more bookmarks to the right hand column as I find more places to explore.

Hope everyone stays safe this weekend, Hanna is here giving us some much-needed rain in the mountains of Virginia, and it's such a dark & dreary day that I'm looking forward to reading your comments & seeing the other beautiful blogs.



Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning Crystal, Welcome to "Pink Saturday"!...What an amazingly pretty blog you have! and your boxes are just lovely!!!...the perfect "pink" for today!...& Thank you for commenting about Sarah Palin! Everything you mentioned is EXACTLY how I too feel!...And I so respect when someone actually leaves a comment when I post something political!!! :) I notice I get substantially "less" comments, when politics are mentioned!?.... :)It's funny how we all can chat about anything, but you mention the political scene & it gets so quiet! Anyway, thank you for visiting me!...I will be a regular at your post from now on!!...Heidi Xo

Katie said...

Happy First Pink Saturday Crystal! Love your boxes. If I had that set I would put them on the bathroom vanity, and fill them with the things I use daily, so they would be easy to reach every morning yet quickly tucked away! Very pretty, I enjoyed my visit here! Come visit me!

Abuela Beauty said...

Hi Crystal!!
Your painted roses are so cute!

Happy Pink Saturday!!
Besitos desde Argentina


Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Your boxes are just lovely...great job painting them......
Mo :-)


Happy Pink Saturday!

These PINK boxes are beautiful!

~ Gabriela ~

Beverly said...

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Crystal.

We have had a good soaking from Hanna, too. It seems like the rain is just about over, but it is still quite breezy. My neighbor has a tree down on her fence.

The Shenandoah Valley is one of my favorite places. I have family living in Mount Jackson and Charlottesville.

Your shaker boxes are just gorgeous. Your store is wonderful. I will have to go back when I have more time.

Beverly said...

Hi Crystal. It is raining here in PA, too...making it a great day to visit everyone's Pink Saturday blogs. My first, too! Love your boxes.

Deborah said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday, Crystal!

The set of boxes are so pretty! It looks like you are a very talented artist.

My daughter and her family live in Roanoke. Are you close to there?

Thanks for visiting me and please come back anytime!


Virginia said...

Love your boxes, great job painting them.
Have a Happy and Bless First pink Saturday.

Barrie said...

Beautiful pink boxes.
Happy Pink Saturday!

Smilingsal said...

Welcome. It's your first and my second. Happy Pink Saturday!

rosechicfriends said...

So Glad you join the PINK Saturday gals. Your blog is lovely and so are your pretty boxes!
Happy PINK!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Crystal! Welcome to PINK Saturdays! Love your stacking boxes ~ very very pretty!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Shelia said...

Hi Crystal and welcome to Pink Saturday. It's so nice to meet you! Oh, these boxes are just so beautiful! You've painted them? Wow, you're a talented gal!! I think I would put them in my bedroom on top of my armoire and put secret "stuff" in them. They are so darling.
Be a Pink sweetie,
Shelia :)

Kathy said...

Sweet, sweet pink things!

Kathy said...

Sweet, sweet pink things!

MyBigMouth said...

Welcome to PS!
Your stacking boxes are gorgeous.I love stacking boxes.
Happy PS Day!

Cami said...

Lovely painted roses! It's hard to get the "knack". I've been trying for years!!! ;)

Joy said...

beautiful boxes!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Welcome to Pink Saturdays! Glad you joined the fun. Thanks for your comments on my post. I appreciate it!

Love these shaker boxes! I love boxes, and pink, and florals so I think these are great! I look forward to your next pink post!


Cathy said...

Hi Crystal,

Thank you so much for your kinds words on my recent Country Victorian feature. You have no idea how wonderful it feels to know that so many people love my home. Enjoy.

xo Cathy

KatCollects said...

Very pretty boxes. Happy Pink Saturday!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Crystal, your boxes are beautiful!

Greyscale Territory said...

Those boxes are really quite heavenly! They would be a very interesting way to store delicate scarves in the larger ones and hair scrunchies in the smaller.

Margie said...

The *pink* boxes are just lovely! I would use them for my sewing things or for my magazine clippings or even to hold photos! I can think of a hundred ways to use them, and they would look lovely in any room of the house!


Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Wowzers Crystal! Your blog is glamchic to DIE are your boxes! Luvins! xoxo

Darlene said...

Your pink rose boxes are just BEAUTIFUL! They would be great just displayed on a shelf without even taking the tops off.

OneMoreBeliever said...

beautiful blog... happy pink saturday... never knew that pink was such a state of mind for so many!!! ... love yr boxes...