Friday, September 5, 2008

An Anniversary Celebration!!

You may not believe this, but exactly one YEAR ago today, September 5th 2007, was the first time I ever picked up a paintbrush and attempted to paint florals. My mom asked me if I could paint some furniture, so I bought a book and started copying what I saw. I've never taken art classes, no videos, just kinda figured it all out on my own. It's amazing that I had a talent hidden so long, and a blessing from God that I can create such beautiful things. My mom is my biggest supporter, and I'm very lucky to have such a great lady in my life.

So to CELEBRATE, I'm offering THREE $50 Gift Certificates to ~ no purchase necessary. Just post a comment here telling me YOUR personal favorite line or piece that I have painted, and why you like it if you want to share that as well. Tell your friends to come say hello as well, if they will just tell me who pointed them here, I will give you an EXTRA entry into the drawing for each one. You also get an EXTRA entry each day you come back between September 6th-12th and post a comment on that day's new blog entry. You have until September 12th, Winners & links to their blogs (if they have them) will be posted on September 12th. You can only win once, so hook your friends up with a $50 shopping spree!!



Connie said...

The munchkins are adorable, sweetpea. I read the story of your sister and that's sooooo sad. I can't even imagine what that would be like. Yep, it's the good ones that get killed when the driver goes a bit nutsy. So sorry, truly, for your loss.

Your roses are way better than mine, but I'm still going to practice and improve. Practice, practice, practice is what my ebay group tells me. I DO but not much luck so far.

Thank you for visiting with me, my little chickadee! I appreciate any and all comments I get.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I hope the kids are having a great year so far! I miss seeing you at the school, but I often think of you all as I drive by McGaheysville Rd on my way home from work.

I like the Emily line and the Mandi one too (and not because that was my nickname growing up!). No particular reason other than I think they are pretty!

Hope to see you soon,

Inka Thomas said...

Wow!! A hidden tallent. That is a blessing from God. I love to paint too but trying to do everything under the sun gets me in trouble.

Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

Hi Crystal, it was so nice of you to stop by my blog and leave such a sweet comment. Thank you for your kind words.

I'd have to say your glass pitchers are my favorite. They're beautiful! I love Rebecca - the purple and yellow pansies. My Grandmother LOVED pansies and your's are stunning! I also like Shelley. The red roses are lovely!

I'm glad you found your God given talent and are able to share it with the rest of us!

Suzie Button said...

Hi! I love all your items, but the pink birdhouse really catches my eye, with the pearlized paint touches, it's just so gorgeous!

Julie said...

So proud of you sweetie. I loved reading the blogs. I feel like I know how the family is better since we are so far apart (miles that is). I am glad you enjoyed the visit with April and I know she enjoyed it and I think would have liked to have stayed there.

Margie said...

It's so hard to choose a favorite, they are all so lovely! But I think I like the Sharon roses the best, because they look so nice on *pink*! I also love the *pink* boxes with the white roses. I love the little *pink* birdhouse, it's so precious!What an awesome talent to discover! Wow! I dream about uncovering some hidden talent like that in myself! So far, it hasn't happened, tee hee!Margie

Darlene said...

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I came to visit and what do I find but CUTE, cute stuff!!! I LOVE your pink birdhouse....I adore birdhouses and that one is FABULOUS!! I can't believe you never took a lesson....WOW!!!

Maria said...

Crystal I love the daily blog. I can't believe our kids are getting so big. Moody teenagers Ugh! I loved the Goji glass and Julie bowl. I use the glass every day. Pictures do not do your work justice!