Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never Forget September 11th

Where were you when you heard about the attacks on America? I was at home with my littlest one, he was a 18 months old, and the girls were at Pre-K and 1st Grade. As I sat down early that morning after the school bus had come, I was checking emails when one came through that a plane had just hit the North Tower. I turned on the news, and was shocked to see the gaping hole in the building, and wondering (it seems so naive now) how they were going to get those people off the highest levels. Moments later, I saw the second plane hit the South Tower, live on TV. As the morning unfolded and reports that a bomb had gone off at the Pentagon turned into a third plane, and later the crash in Pennsylvania of Flight 93, it seemed the world had gone mad. I sat there anxiously watching for news of survivors being pulled out, only to see the Twin Towers crash down with so many still inside. To this day, I get very emotional about September 11th. Later, my brother would deploy to Afghanistan as an Air Traffic Controller who earned a Bronze Star while he was there, and has also done two tours in Iraq as a Chinook helicopter pilot, so the realities of America at War are something we have dealt with every day. We will never forget. I hope that in time, I can help my children understand the magnitude of that day, and that they never see anything like it again in their own lifetimes.

America has become too complacent. We should ALWAYS remember the raw emotions of that day. This is the most touching video, please take a few moments to watch it. CLICK FOR VIDEO.
Wishing you all peace on this day. Today is not about politics, pink, or anything else but remembering those who died on September 11, 2001.

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